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Here you can find compilations of our press releases, news about VARTA Consumer Batteries and our products. If you want to be up-to-date with VARTA sign up in our press mailing list. Please contact our press department if you have any further questions.
VARTA Outdoor Sports Headlights
At eye level with darkness – VARTA’s new Outdoor Sports Head Lights
Many people are discovering that the best way to refresh themselves from the stress and strain of daily life is to spend time alone in nature. After dark, a head light provides the necessary orientation for jogging, walking in the woods or camping. With the new series of Outdoor Sports Head Lights, VARTA debuts two head lights that are perfectly designed for outdoor use. The Outdoor Sports H10 Pro sells for 11.99 euros (RRP) and the Outdoor Sports H20 Pro for 15.99 euros (RRP). Both models are now available in stores.
Wireless Power Bank
Powerful, versatile and cordless: VARTA’s new Wireless Power Bank.
Along with smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, power banks too are constant companions in modern everyday life. With 10 watts of Fast Wireless Charging power or up to 18 watts of output power via cable, VARTA’s new Wireless Power Bank solves the problem of mobile energy more with greater versatility than ever. The Wireless Power Bank is now available in stores for a price of 29.99 euros.
Motion Sensor Night Light
A little beacon for night owls – VARTA’s Motion Sensor Night Light
Night lights with motion sensors are the ideal solution for moving around safely and staying well oriented at home, even in total darkness. But cumbersome installation and costly purchase price are often obstacles when deciding to buy a night light. With the new Motion Sensor Night Light, VARTA debuts an affordably priced, versatile and reliable light source with a built-in motion sensor. The Motion Sensor Night Light is now available in a single pack for 7.99 euros (RRP) and in a double pack for 12.99 euros (RRP).
VARTA Night Cutter F40
VARTA Night Cutter F40 – Premium torch with extreme luminosity
The Night Cutter F40 from VARTA sets new standards in terms of luminosity. With up to 1000 lumen, it is the most powerful torch in the portfolio. The flashlight will be available in stores from January 2021.
UV Light
Making the invisible visible - the new VARTA UV Light
Nothing taught us to pay attention to hygiene as much as the past year. But even for the most meticulous among us, some impurities remain hidden. The reason: Without aids, they are often not visible to the naked eye. The new, compact UV flashlight from VARTA is a useful hygiene helper to keep the hygiene level high in modern everyday life. Invisible residues of stains and dirt become visible at the push of a button and worries about personal hygiene fade away. The VARTA UV Light is now available in stores.

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