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Every product of VARTA is more than just a product. We are developing energy solutions that are making your life easier, brighter and greener. VARTA products are therefore not only a supplier of mobile energy, but a trustful and reliable companion.
Ideal for every device, from toys to digital cameras. Find the right VARTA battery for your need with our helpful indications on our packaging.
Our Recharge Accus are the best energy solution for every need – moreover they save money and protect our environment.
VARTA chargers are trustful and innovative companions whenever energy is required most.
Portable Power
The VARTA Power Banks are always by your side to supply you with mobile energy – Anywhere. Anytime.
Special Batteries
Tiny batteries that provide high energy for car keys, cameras and many other small electronic appliances.
The VARTA lights range covers flashlights, head lights, camping lanterns, beam lanterns, key chain lights and helpful gadgets to brighten up your life.