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VARTA Primary Batteries provide the optimal energy solution for all your devices of daily use, from toys to digital cameras to remote controls and many more. To suit every type of energy consumption we developed the VARTA LONGLIFE Primary range.

Ultra Lithium

VARTA’s ULTRA Lithium assortment fulfills highest quality and performance demands in all areas of modern life. The perfect solution for energy-intensive fields of application like digital cameras, walkie talkies and smoke detectors. Lithium batteries also work exceptionally well under extreme conditions. VARTA ULTRA Lithium batteries master extremely low temperatures. High-tech devices are supplied with maximum performance and endurance. Up to 38% reduced weight in comparison to alkaline: perfect for sport and outdoor usage.

Longlife Max Power

Get the best possible precision for your digital devices with VARTA LONGLIFE Max Power. Developed for devices that need precise energy in changing requirements, VARTA LONGLIFE Max Power delivers precise, flexible levels of energy.

Longlife Power

The most powerful of the VARTA batteries. Developed especially for the use in power hungry devices, computer equipment or flashlights, VARTA LONGLIFE Power offers the powerful energy needed for devices with high energy consumption.


VARTA LONGLIFE are the long-lasting primaries performing especially well in devices with constant and low energy needs, such as remote controls, wall clocks or radios. Here, the LONGLIFE battery range stands out with long run times and reliable energy delivery.


The ENERGY primary range is VARTA’s basic alkaline range. Offering very good value for money, the ENERGY range provides energy for low-drain devices like radios and wall clocks.


Reliable and affordable – the VARTA SUPERLIFE zinc carbon range combines good quality with the possibility to save money. VARTA SUPERLIFE is the ideal companion for low-drain appliances like wall clocks, alarm clocks or remote controls.

Special Batteries

Compact, powerful batteries for continuous operation. Focus of use in safety devices, e.g. alarm systems, continuous light bulbs or beam lanterns.