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Cute lights for the little ones - to dream, learn and explore.


3 Year VARTA guarantee


  • Very attractive Minions-shaped night light
  • Creates a cozy and warm atmosphere
  • Ruling slide switch at the rear side (on - high mode / on - low mode / off)
  • Touch sensor at the pocket to turn the night light on/off for maximum convenience
  • Two light modes: 100% and low mode
  • Auto shut-off after 30 minutes (100% mode) or 60 minutes (low mode)

* Available only in selected countries


VARTA Type 15615
Weight with Batteries 275,4 g
Length 158 mm

Features to compare

Beam range: up to 1 m 
Runtime: up to 300 h 
Total light output: up to 7 lumens
Light source: 2x 3mm LED