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Our gadgets with well thought-out features provide a reliable solution for every usage occasion.


Hygiene helper
Checks and verifies banknotes and fingerprints
Shock proof
Multi UV LED
Aluminium housing
3 Year VARTA guarantee


  • UV flashlight to make the invisible visible
  • Detects and identifies residues of dirt, pets urine, etc.
  • Checks and verifies banknotes, fingerprints and fluorescents
  • UV wave range: 395-400 nm
  • Multi LED technology: 14 pcs UV LED (UV A)
  • Battery driven (3 AAA)
  • Aluminium housing and rubber grip
  • Shock proof


VARTA Type 15638
Weight with Batteries 87 g
Length 118 mm
Head Diameter 33 mm

Features to compare

Runtime: up to 8.5 h 
UV UV Range: 395-400 NM
Light source: 14x UV LED