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Dedicated to all weekend-warriors, our work lights have well thought-out features for all kind of work projects.


Shock proof
Water resistant
Carrying strap
Low battery indicator
3 light levels
Up to 500 Charges
3 Year VARTA guarantee


  • Shock proof and water resistant (IPX4)
  • 3 light levels: spot light, area light, combined light
  • High-performance Cree LED and multiple mid-power LEDs
  • Adjustable lighting area for ideal room illumination
  • With removable carrying strap
  • Including Micro USB charging cable
  • Can be recharged up to 500 times
  • Charging and low battery indicator LED next to on/off button
  • USB-In slot protected against dust with a rubber cap


VARTA Type 18684
Weight with Batteries 765 g
Length 231 mm

Features to compare

Beam range: up to 460 m 
Runtime: up to 16 h 
Total light output: up to 550 lumens
Light source: 5 Watt LED

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