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The VARTA Family Power Bank Range offers a smart power solution for every single day. With its timeless and appealing design and the well thought-out features you get excellent value for less money. Be equipped with power – wherever you are, whenever you like!


Up to 4 phone or 1.5 tablet charges
Micro USB Cable included
Integrated LED Flashlight
USB 2.4A & USB 1.0 Output


  • The most demanded capacity for a weekend getaway
  • Up to 4 phone or 1.5 tablet charges*
  • Ideal for the on-the-go user: charges 2 devices at once
  • Multiple recharges with only one charge
  • Charges most USB devices with high speed via 2.4A output
  • High speed tablet charge - ideal for bigger devices, too
  • Integrated LED flashlight
  • 5 LED battery gauge for charge & discharge indication
  • White Micro USB charging cable with a length of 50 cm included
  • Appealing timeless and modern design
  • VARTA brand quality ensured

* per charge. Based on iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 7.0. Performances may vary by device.


VARTA Type 57961
Electrochemical System Li-Ion
Batteriy Capacity in mAh 10400/ 3,7V
Rated Capacity in mAh 6157/ 5V
Width 80 mm
Height 105 mm
Depth 23 mm
Weight 269 g

Designed With Advanced Safety Technology

- to ensure our high safety standards and to keep you and your mobile device safe!
Temperature Control
An internal NTC sensor interrupts the charging process at high temperatures.
Overcharge Protection
The Power Banks’ batteries are protected against overcharging to avoid cell damage or excessive aging.
Deep Discharge Protection
The protection against deep-discharging of the batteries avoids cell damage and increases the batteries’ longevity.
Overcurrent Protection
The Power Banks’ batteries are protected against overcurrent to avoid damage to the cells.
Input-Overvoltage Protection
An overvoltage detector protects the Power Banks’ input against overvoltage from external power sources.
Short Circuit Protection
The Power Bank is short circuit proof due to a resettable safety fuse.
Your most reliable partner for mobile energy for you and your family. Anywhere. Anytime.

UN38.3 Compliant Transport Safety

Our Power Banks are compliant with the UN 38.3, which guarantees safety in transporting dangerous goods by land, sea and air.

Tested lithium cells according to UL1642.