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The VARTA rechargeable batteries made of 11% recycled materials combine all advantages like low self-discharge and 'Ready To Use' technology with environmental friendliness.

RECHARGE ACCU Recycled AA 2100 mAh

Recycled Materials
Ready to Use


  • 11% recycled material included
  • Ready To Use Technology
  • Low self-discharge: 70% remaining capacity after 12 months*
  • Pre-charged for immediate usage
  • Pre-charged for immediate usage straight from the pack
  • Up to 70% charge after 12 months*
  • Compatible with all chargers and devices
*Based on internal VARTA testing


VARTA Type 56816
Reference IEC HR6
Battery Size AA
Diameter 14.5 mm
Height 50.5 mm
Weight 27.7 g
Electrochemical System Nickel-metal Hydride (NI/MH)
Capacity 2100 mAh
Voltage 1.2 V