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Why don’t you dispose of batteries in the household garbage?

Why don’t you dispose of batteries in the household garbage?

Did you know that in 2001, in VARTA’s homeland Germany, 38% of all batteries were returned?
Based on a comparison within Europe, it was followed by France and Britain with 32%.
What very few people realize is that many countries have laws regulating the return of batteries.
Sweden is actually a forerunner in terms of battery recycling, having introduced recycling programs as far back as 1970.

In this article, we’ll tell you why and where you should dispose of your batteries. 

Pay attention to sustainability!

If batteries are thrown away with the household garbage, heavy metals can leak out of them, finding their way into the environment and subsequently polluting it. What’s more, commercially available standard and rechargeable batteries consist mostly of reusable materials and heavy metals that are lost when put into the household garbage and so absolutely must be recycled. Recycling not only means that it is possible to recover the valuable materials from the batteries, but also that the heavy metals can be disposed of properly.

What should you do with empty batteries then?

Used standard and rechargeable batteries can be disposed of both at the stores that sell them and at local collection points such as recycling centers.
Stores and local authorities alike dispose of empty batteries free of charge and in the proper manner.

Remember to dispose of your batteries separately in the future and thereby play an important part in protecting the environment.