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VARTA packs your suitcase!

An increasing number of people prefer to go camping rather than stay in a hotel when on vacation. One aspect of camping that people enjoy is being surrounded by nature, sleeping and eating outdoors and spending time in the fresh air. The freedom of being able to pack up and move to the next beautiful campsite at the drop of a hat is also something many on vacation love.
Everything begins with a tent
A lot of thought has to be put into choosing the right tent. It’s always best to get advice at a specialist store about what tent suits your needs. In order to make the inside of the tent comfortable and avoid having things become too chilly, you should definitely think of getting a camping mat or inflatable air mattress. They will prevent the cold from the ground from disturbing your sleep and provide a comfortable place to lie down. You should also take your time when deciding on the right sleeping bag. There are different models and sizes to choose from. If you’re going camping in a warm country, it’s a good idea to have a sleeping bag made from silk or thin cotton. In addition to a camping chair, table and light, it’s also very important to remember to bring a groundsheet and a mat for in front of the tent. This means you’ll have a cosy living space regardless of bad weather.
Ravioli out of a can? There’s another way!
Most campers bring their own food and prepare their meals directly in front of the tent. However, you don’t have to settle for pre-cooked canned dinners. If you have a barbecue or camping stove, you can prepare food almost as well as you could in your own kitchen at home. From scrambled eggs and pancakes to noodles, you’ll find delicious camping recipes. All you need for these are suitable cooking utensils and enough water for boiling and washing up. With the help of a coolbox, cooling packs or sealable boxes, you can even keep food for several days.


If you’re going to the ocean or a lake, you should definitely remember to bring your swimwear, flip-flops and sunscreen. Proper clothing, such as rubber boots and rain jackets, protects against changes in the weather. As the old saying goes: "There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes." So that everything doesn’t have to lie on the damp ground, it’s a good idea to bring clothes pegs and a line for hanging up wet clothes. During long bouts of rain, a small tear in the tent can quickly become a problem, which is why you should always remember to pack a repair kit.
Small things that make camping easier
Camping means living outside. In order to avoid being bitten by insects, especially in the evening, you should protect yourself with mosquito and insect spray. If you are bitten, ointment from a first-aid kit can help soothe the symptoms. For a lovely evening of barbecuing or having a comfortable sit-down with your camp neighbors, for example, music is of course essential. That’s why you should remember to bring a battery-powered speaker dock and load your MP3 player or smartphone with music before you leave home.

Even if the summer vacation period may be nearing its end for many people, whether it is at the beach or campsite, VARTA wishes you a restful time away and lots of fun packing.