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Camping adventure for the whole family

Camping adventure for the whole family

Anticipation is growing, because the longest, most wonderful vacation of the year is almost here. The summer vacation gives many families an opportunity to spend time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
And what could be better than camping together outside?
Always nearby: VARTA’s flashlights, indispensable camping companions for both young and old.
Colorful, practical and brightly lit
Even experienced camping veterans occasionally misplace their flashlights, which are impossible to find in the darkness. How practical would it be if the flashlight was already glowing before you started looking for it? New LED Outdoor Sports Flashlights have a photoluminescent Angel Eye light ring that makes the head of the flashlight glow green.

This makes it quick and easy to find the flashlight, even at night or in bad lighting conditions. The three models in the striking colors yellow, blue and red will also win you over with their inner value: they shine up to 141 meters. The handle of the biggest flashlight, the LED Outdoor Sports Flashlight 3C, even has enough room for an integrated bottle opener!

Fewer insects for relaxed evenings
Enjoying carefree times outdoors is no longer a problem thanks to the innovative LED Outdoor Sports Comfort Lantern. With its warm glow, this light attracts up to 60% fewer insects than conventional outdoor lanterns.* Whether you want cozy lighting using the diffusion lens or bright light for card or board games – this new lantern with four different lighting modes provides the right light to meet your needs. With a handle at the top and a built-in hook at the bottom, the light can be hung on washing lines, tent poles or branches.

* Based on the weight of insects attracted, vs. VARTA 4 W LED Camping Lantern 3D, test results may vary.

Hands free with everything in sight
Unfortunately, once you’ve had dinner outside, you still have to wash the dishes. This means that you often have to make the journey to the campsite’s washing area in the dark – a trip that needs you to have your hands free. This is why the two head lights from the Outdoor Sports series, the 4x LED Outdoor Sports Head Light 3AAA and the 2x1 Watt LED Outdoor Sports Head Light 3AAA, are must-haves for every camper. These colorful, robust, high-value head lights are extremely light and have an adjustable head band.

With this equipment, nothing can stand in the way of your family having a whole lot fun during their camping trip. VARTA wishes all campers a relaxing vacation!