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VARTA celebrates the premiere of “The Secret Life of Pets 2” with a new series of lights for children

The creative people at Illumination Entertainment (the makers of “Minions”) dedicated an animated film to our furry friends with “The Secret Life of Pets” in 2016. The box-office hit about the adventures of Max, Gidget, Mel and their pals gets its long-awaited sequel when “The Secret Life of Pets 2” premieres in cinemas this summer.
Parallel to the film’s launch in movie theaters, VARTA Consumer Batteries is unveiling its own series of pets. VARTA’s quartet of children’s lights in “The Secret Life of Pets” design will be available in stores starting in May.

The series of lights comprises a total of four products that are sure to spark enthusiasm among kids and grown-ups alike. In addition to a decorative night light, VARTA’s quartet of children’s lights also includes a cute plush night light, a night light with a built-in motion sensor and a flashlight with a colorful printed image.

Sit, lie down, lights on!

The charming cast of furry characters deserves the lion’s share of the credit for the film’s strong success. The all-too-human behaviour of the starring dog Max and his fellow barking friends Gidget, Buddy and Mel, overweight cat Chloe, and somewhat dimwitted guinea pig Norman keep cinema audiences laughing nonstop. To go along with the movie, VARTA Consumer Batteries is now delighting the youngest members of the family with a series of lights dedicated to the animated film’s most popular main characters. These lights comply with all EU safety regulations for toys and can be put into even the youngest hands without a second thought. Designed to recall the fluffy stars of “The Secret Life of Pets 2,” VARTA’s new lights take children’s rooms by storm and conquer the hearts of young and old alike.

“Plush” has a new name

In addition to Max, VARTA Consumer Batteries is also dedicating a light to the white furball named Gidget. As far as the cuddle factor is concerned, VARTA’s “The Secret Life of Pets” plush night light is every bit as irresistible as its animated namesake. Gidget’s fluffy coat of fur invites young and old to hug her. If you want to make this cute dog shine, simply press her left paw: the rosy heart on Gidget’s chest glows with a pleasant pink light – and makes everyone else’s heart beat faster with delight.

VARTA Pets Plush Night Light

Pets Plush Night Light

Dimensions (W x H x D):   135 x 190 x 221 mm
Weight (without/with batteries):   184 g / 218 g
Beam range:   2 m
Runtime:   200 h
Total light output:   1 lm
Light source:   1x 5 mm LED
Battery:   3x AAA (not included)
Warranty:   3 years
(including VAT):   €19.99

Sweet dreams with the stars of the film

The lights in VARTA’s “The Secret Life of Pets” series accompany the little ones and soothe their fear of the dark when it’s time for them to set sail for dreamland and process the experiences of the day.
The first night light is in the shape of the dog Max. Sitting beside his bowl with a friendly grin on his face, he looks like he’s waiting to be served a treat. Pressing the bottom of his bowl makes Max shine from his four paws to his two floppy ears. The light’s warm light has a calming effect on the little members of the family and helps them fall asleep. Particularly practical: a switch on the bottom of the light lets the user choose between a high and a low mode. Max automatically switches off after either 30 minutes in high mode or 60 minutes in low mode. Depending on the mode, this night light will keep watch beside a child’s bed for up to 200 hours without a battery change.

VARTA Pets Night Light

Pets Night Light

Dimensions (Diameter x Height):   135 x 206 mm
Weight (without/with batteries):   205 g / 248.5 g
Beam range:   8 m
Runtime:   200 h
Total light output:   7 lm
Light source:   3x 5 mm LED
Battery:   3x AAA (included)
Warranty:   3 years
RRP (including VAT):   €19.99

Max and his friends lead the way

When the little ones leave their beds at night, the decorative night light with built-in motion sensor helps them find their way in the dark. Safe companionship is guaranteed by the dogs Max and Gidget, Snowball the bunny and Chloe the cat. This night light reliably detects every movement within an angle of 120° and a radius of up to three meters – and makes the quartet of “The Secret Life of Pets” figures shine in response. Thanks to a luminosity of 25 lumens, longer distances are likewise no problem. If the sensor detects no motion within 90 seconds, the light automatically switches itself off. With its compact dimensions, this night light can be conveniently placed atop a bedside table or attached to the wall using the mounting hole on its back. This means that grown-ups can stay in bed when the youngest children begin their nightly trip towards the bathroom or their parents’ bedroom.

VARTA Pets Motion Sensor Light

Pets Night Light with movement sensor

Dimensions (W x H x D):   91 x 100 x 34 mm
Weight (without/with batteries):   99 g / 136.4 g
Beam range:   8 m
Runtime:   17 h
Total light output:  25 lm
Light source:   4x 5 mm LED
Battery:   3x AAA (included)
Warranty:   3 years
RRP (including VAT):   €9.99

For little adventurers

VARTA’s “Secret Life of Pets” flashlight makes nighttime walks doubly delightful. With its cheery and childlike color combination of pastel blue and bright yellow, this flashlight is an eye-catcher in every child’s hand. As special highlights, Max and Gidget are printed on the handle, where they are always on guard to protect the children. Thanks to a light range of 13 meters and a runtime of 16 hours, this flashlight promises the little ones a clear view in the dark and long-lasting fun while playing.

VARTA Pets Flashlight

Pets Flashlight

Dimensions (Diameter x Height):   39 x 154 mm
Weight (without/with batteries):   51 g / 98.6 g
Beam range:   13 m
Runtime:   16 h
Total light output:   3 lm
Light source:   1x 5 mm LED
Battery:   2x AA (included)
Warranty:   3 years
RRP (including VAT):   €6.99

The license to fall in love

Following its successful series of “Minions” products, VARTA has now created four kids lights featuring the successful “The Secret Life of Pets 2” movie characters that will make children’s eyes sparkle during the day and help the little ones enjoy sweet dreams at night. Whether for adventures, restful sleep, hugging or night walking, the new “The Secret Life of Pets” lights offer each child an ideal companion for every situation - “VARTA - in service for you.”

Further information can be found at www.varta-consumer.com and on VARTA Consumer’s official Facebook page.


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