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VARTA flashlights are perfect for any situation – at home, at work or on your outdoor adventures. Therefore, our lights range covers flashlights, head lights, camping lanterns, beam lanterns, key chain lights and helpful gadgets – from price entry level to premium prices, from lightweight to extremely robust, offering a variety of sizes.
Additionally, our playful kids lights accompany your kids through the nights as a trustful friend.
VARTA lights performance data fully conform the ANSI standard to enable an objective comparison. At VARTA lights, we do not only offer innovative products, but also guarantee the highest quality. To always be in service for you and your family.

VARTA lights product ranges

Night Cutter

Cut the night! The new Night Cutter is a flashlight range like no other in the VARTA assortment with high-end features, e.g. it can serve as an emergency power bank. With up to 700 lumens and an extraordinary beam range it virtually “cuts” the night. As a rechargeable flashlight, it helps to save money and resources.


Built to resist! This flashlight range passes even the hardest tests. The flashlights are extremely robust so you can rely on them when things get rough. They are extremely shock proof and even pass a drop test of up to 9 m.

Outdoor Sports

Let’s go outdoors! The Outdoor Sport series offers the perfect companions for every excursion: great outdoor features such as water resistance, drop safety features, ease of operation and vibrant colors are characteristic for this range.


Have fun! This range of decorative and playful lights has been specifically designed for kids. They become children’s reliable and trustful friends and accompany them in darkness and through the night. The lights have useful features such as auto shut-off and easy, kid-friendly handling.


Go for style! Our eye-catching products are the perfect companion for every handbag: small, convenient, stylish and helpful. They provide light or even a feeling of safety if needed.


For DIY fans! This range offers high quality products which are shock proof, splash-water and dust protected. They have well thought out features such as variable fixing options and adjustable lighting areas which allow an ideal area illumination for all your work projects. Developed for work projects at home and outside.

Day Light

Your everyday companion! The Day Light range is designed for everyday usage. It shows practical features such as a shock resistant three component casing, rubber grip and lanyard.

Aluminium Lights

Elegant and durable classics! The VARTA Aluminium range is classic, elegant and robust at the same time. It is equipped with Multi-LEDs and shows practical features such as aluminium casing with textured housing surface for maximum grip.

Special Lights

Useful helpers! No matter if Book Light or XS Camping Lantern – the Special Lights with well thought out features provide a reliable solution for every usage occasion.